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Use the table below to search for a health condition (listed alphabetically on the left column), identify its cause (second column), especially supporting foods (third column), as well as those to avoid (fourth column) as per Anthony William's teachings.

The entirety of this information has been extracted from his books, Radio Shows, and Material Published on his FaceBook page and on his Website: www.medicalmedium.com

Thank you so much Anthony and Spirit for these Knowledge & Wisdom Gems!

Note: Apart from the foods suggested below, there are some crucial supplements that are recommended:
  • For those conditions that involve neurological issues and/or toxic or compromised liver, it is recommended to supplement with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin (plant based co-factor and vitamin B12).

  • Liquid ionic Zn is also recommended as a crucial supplement to boost the immune system. Even natural foods are at this point in time very depleted in Zn so it is suggested that it is supplemented.

  • Magnesium supplementation (in the form of the highly assimilable magnesium glycinate) is also recommended when a person has had a bad diet (processed sugars, sodas, and acid causing foods) for a while, and also considering that the use of fertilizers (phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen rich) impairs plant magnesium uptake.

The following simple daily routines are recommended as essential detoxifiers for a liver full of toxins and pathogens, thus helping it to recover full functionality.
  • Reduce - or better eliminate - bad fats from your diet (animal fats are very difficult to process all dairy, pork, lards, canola and grain based oils, and fake fats) otherwise detoxing would not be possible.

  • On an empty stomach as you wake up: Lemon water (1/2 lemon squeezed in a16oz glass of water - depending on condition may add a bit of raw honey to enhance benefits)

  • On an empty stomach : Celery juice (depending on tolerance may start with 2-3 oz and hopefully bring up to 16 oz)

The visitor is also encouraged to learn directly from Anthony William's published books, the specific protocols and supplements he recommends to address viral and bacterial infections, as well as other debilitating conditions.


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